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Video: Entire Cowboys Team Kneels Briefly Before National Anthem

The entire team kneeled for about 15 seconds. 

The entire Dallas Cowboys team kneeled down before the national anthem Monday night in Arizona, not in protest but in “unity.”

Mike Fisher of Dallas’s 105.3 The Fan reported earlier Monday that the Cowboys had planned to make a “statement of unity.” NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported that some Cowboys players’ views on kneeling for the anthem changed on Sunday when so many of their colleagues joined the protest. The players eventually decided to all kneel at once in the middle of the field before Jordin Sparks sang the anthem. 

The Cardinals interlocked their arms with members of the military during the anthem.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones has been clear in his belief that the flag should be respected and has repeatedly said that he appreciates that none of his players have decided to kneel during the anthem. 

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