It Turns Out Jay Cutler’s Total Lack of Effort Was by Design

It wasn’t what it looked like.
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Jay Cutler made it clear in his introductory press conference: he’s not in great shape. But that’s not why Cutler took it easy on on Sunday. 

Cutler’s total disinterest in this now-viral play wasn’t due to a lack of effort. It was by design. 

We joke about Smoking Jay Cutler but he literally could have had a cigarette during that snap. 

Asked Wednesday about the play, Cutler said he thought he pulled it off flawlessly. 

And he wasn’t just being a smartass. Head coach Adam Gase really did tell him to do as little as possible on the 

“As soon as he steps forward they can knock the ... I won’t say it. They can hit him,” Gase said, according to the Miami Herald. “If he steps back or doesn’t move, now you’re looking at a different kind of penalty.”

I don’t think Cutler is complaining about that assignment.