This is one of the worst gambling beats you’ll ever see. 

By Dan Gartland
October 16, 2017

For the second time in three weeks, Monday Night Football featured an absolutely ludicrous cover of the point spread. 

In Week 4, it was Justin Houston’s fumble recovery touchdown for the Chiefs against Washington. This week, Derrick Henry found the end zone on a 72-yard touchdown run with under a minute to go. 

The game was already in hand, with the Titans stopping the Colts’ comeback attempt and holding onto a 29–22 lead. The spread was Tennessee -7.5. Tennessee was just running out the clock and called an inside handoff to Henry. With nothing available to him up the middle, Henry bounced it outside, broke two tackles and scored. It was the longest run of his NFL career by 47 yards. 

After the extra point, the score was 36–22—a cover for the Titans. 

Hey, it could be worse. Unlike Houston’s play a few weeks ago, this one didn’t impact the over/under. 

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