After Jameis Winston touched Marshon Lattimore's helmet from the sideline, and then Mike Evans got involved as well.

By Khadrice Rollins
November 05, 2017

Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans avoided getting ejected after a late hit on Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore in the third quarter of Sunday's game between the teams.

On a third-and-five, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw an incompletion on a pass intended for DeSean Jackson. As the play ended, Jameis Winston, who was on the sideline because he left the game with a right shoulder injury, then poked Lattimore on the back of his helmet.

Lattimore then pushed Winston in response. After that, Evans came from behind and knocked Lattimore to the ground with a shove to the back. When Lattimore went down, Evans then jumped on top of him and appeared to be trying to throw a punch before another Saints player shoved Evans off Lattimore.

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Evans was penalized 15 yards for his role in the altercation.

The Saints lead the Buccaneers 30-3 in the third quarter.

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