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Watch: Aqib Talib, Michael Crabtree Ejected After Brawl Between Raiders and Broncos

Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib were throwing swings early in Raiders vs. Broncos.

A fight broke out in the first quarter of Sunday's Raiders vs. Broncos game that led to three players being ejected, including Denver's Aqib Talib and Oakland's Michael Crabtree.

On a second and six run by Marshawn Lynch a little more than three minutes into the game, Crabtree engaged Talib in a block, and proceeded to push him out of bounds before knocking him to the ground on the sideline. From there, Talib pulled off Crabtree's helmet as he was surrounded by a group of Broncos. Raiders players began pushing the Denver players circled around Crabtree, leading to a brawl between the teams.

Crabtree walked away at first, but then he exchanged punches with Talib, who still had his helmet on.

In the end, Crabtree, Talib, and Oakland guard Gabe Jackson were ejected from the game. Jackson was ejected for pushing an official.

After the ejections, Lynch escorted Talib past the Raiders' sideline as Crabtree stayed around his teammates.

Last year the two players got into a heated confrontation, causing Talib to snatch Crabtree's chain off his neck during a game.

This time around, Talib snatched Crabtree's chain again right before he was knocked out of bounds.

After being ejected from the game, Crabtree went up to a luxury box in Oakland to watch the remainder of the game. Lynch did something similar when he was ejected from a Week Seven game against the Chiefs and watched the rest from the stands.

The 4-6 Raiders lead the 3-7 Broncos 21-0.