As Jadeveon Clowney's hashtag said, it's all about turning trash to treasure. 

By Charlotte Carroll
December 22, 2017

While Texans' Jadeveon Clowney's trash talk needs some work, his comeback game is much stronger. 

After Clowney's talking landed him in some hot water with Jaguars fans who sent him trash cans, Clowney responded in the best way possible — by filling them with toys and donating them to children at Mission Yahweh just in time for Christmas. 

It started Sunday when Clowney called Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles "trash." This was after the Texans lost 45–7, and Bortles threw for 326 yards with three touchdowns.

So fans decided to be funny and send Clowney an early Christmas present — trash cans.

But Clowney made the best of the situation by making it a positive. As his hashtag said, it's all about turning trash to treasure.

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