Report: Panthers Could Sell for as Much as $2.8 Billion

There are already multiple people who are rumored to be interested in buying the Panthers.
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The Panthers could end up being sold for as much as $2.8 billion if there are enough credible buyers that get into a bidding war, Jourdan Rodrigue and Katherine Peralta of The Charlotte Observerreport.

According to The Observer, experts say the team could sell for between $2.3 billion and $2.8 billion, and there are already multiple potential owners who are rumored to be interested in purchasing the team.

David Tepper, Ben Navarro, Felix Sabates and Frank and Lorenzo Feritta have all been rumored to have interest in buying th club, according to The Observer.

As many as 25 people can share ownership of a team, but one person must own at least 30 percent of the team and put down that sum up front, which for the Panthers would be at least $690 million, according to The Observer.

The team was put up for sale by Jerry Richardson in December, amid an investigation into alleged workplace misconduct. A Sports Illustrated story reported the team made multiple payouts for workplace misconduct, including sexual harassment and the use of a racial slur. Richardson, who owns 48 percent of the team, was the team's founder and has been with the organization since its inception.