Kevin Hart’s drunk brain decided he had to hold the Super Bowl trophy. 

By Dan Gartland
March 05, 2018

Remember when Kevin Hart tried to get on the podium at the Super Bowl as the Lombardi Trophy was being presented to the Eagles, then went on NFL Network and insisted he wasn’t drunk before dropping an F-bomb and walking off the set? It turns out he actually was drunk. 

Hart was on Conan on Monday and gave the whole story of how—and why—he decided to try to get up on the podium.

“I was a little thing called, uh, intoxicated,” Hart explained. 

After watching the game in a suite with his wife and some friends from back home in Philly, where many drinks were consumed, Hart made it his mission to get down on the field to celebrate with the players.

Without the proper credentials, it turns out he was able to get on the field by just yelling “I’M KEVIN HART” at anyone who tried to stop him. That worked on everybody except the guy standing by the steps to the podium. Otherwise, we would have gotten a Kevin Hart-Roger Goodell photo op. 

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