Watch: Fan Runs On the Field During CFL Game and Gets Crushed by a Player

He didn't even try to juke or anything.
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Apparently fans still need to learn the hard way that running on the field or court during sporting events is not cool and actually just a nuisance to everybody, including the fan who will likely not be welcome at as many stadiums after going on the playing surface.

In the newest installment of "Fans Should Stay in Their Seats," we find ourselves at a CFL game involving the BC Lions and Montreal Alouettes.

This man who appears to be in nothing more than a jersey and his underwear starts off having a great time while running around the field trying to get the rest of crowd as excited as he is. Then, everything takes a drastic turn as he tries running past a group of players/

This is your daily reminder that people who get paid money to play football hit really really really hard, and you are probably not built to handle those hits.