Hue Jackson, concerned about the intensity of his practices, invited Jeff Gordon cosplayer and Nationwide jingle-maven Brad Paisley to speak with the boys after practice. Here’s the text of Paisley's oration:

“Alright no pressure. I’ve been a fan since third grade. I was a, uh, Brian Sipe fan. That’s how far back I go….

“Go win some this year. I’m really rooting for you and I can’t wait to see what, ah, you do. So, win this for Cleveland. Go out there and go get ‘em.”


• I love how every week it’s impossible to tell whether Gregg Williams is here to coach the defense or intentionally sow discord as a double agent sent by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Finally, we know what would happen if Officer Farva from Super Troopers had his DNA spliced with Nice Guy Eddie from Reservoir Dogs (warning: language). By the end of this season, Williams will have somehow convinced the defense to secede from the rest of the Browns. Mark my words.

• The Ty-rod vs. Tuh-Rod storyline has bubbled out from underneath the surface and is now a central plot point in this season of Hard Knocks. By my count, the team’s starting quarterback, whose job it is to command respect from his teammates, was called by the correct pronunciation of his name six times this episode and the incorrect pronunciation seven times.

• Offensive line coach Bob Wylie finally got his moment to shine, and while he may emerge as Wednesday’s breakout star for some, I was left with more questions than answers. His presentation to the offensive line about animal postures should be shown at every single coach’s press conference when they complain about not having enough valuable time with their players.

• Seth DeValve turned down a delicious-looking inside-out Oreo cookie … General manager John Dorsey referred to a staffer as “Intern No. 2” … And Jarvis Landry continued his quest to be Hard Knocks’ most marketable star by literally embodying the Arthur-Fist meme after a whipping a ball at a teammate’s head.

• Oh, and Dez Bryant is here. What amazes me about the footage of Bryant’s visit with the Cleveland Browns was that he was given free rein to roam around the facility and high five every single member of the Browns. Is that normal?

• One last thanks to NFL Films. On a day when the real news made us a little scared and a little sad, you devoted about five minutes of Tuesday’s Hard Knocks to Moose, the Browns dog who (like Bryant) is allowed to trot freely around the facility and accept greetings from those in all levels of the organization. Moose forever. Ride the peace train.

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