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Odell Beckham Sr. Fires Back at Giants Co-Owner John Mara

Odell Beckham Sr. responds to John Mara's comments on his son, Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Sr. wasn't too pleased with John Mara's comments about his son during this week's NFL owners meeting.

Mara, co-owner of the New York Giants, sent a message to star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on Tuesday, telling those at the owners meeting that Beckham Jr. needed to "do a little more playing and a little less talking."

"I wish he would create the headlines by his play on the field as opposed to what he says and does off the field," Mara said.

On Thursday, Beckham Sr. chimed in on Instagram, ripping Mara for being no better than what he criticized Beckham Jr. for. The post shows Mara picking up and throwing a chair during a game in 2017.

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“REALLY!?" Beckham Sr. said in the post. “Is that owner Mara picking up a chair and throwing it!! Oh my my the tree is acting like the Apple!!! . . . He’s mad at how Odell is acting sooo HE DOES THE SAME??! You couldn’t make this up if you tried!!"

On Friday, Beckham Jr. told reporters he would not get into a war of words with Mara, emphasizing his focus on the team's upcoming game in Atlanta.

“I respect and value his opinion,” Beckham said. "That’s what we’re gonna do: focus on Atlanta right now. That’s really it. I’m ready to talk about the Atlanta Falcons and that’s really it. That’s the focus right now. We need to start winning games. I feel that. I want to win, too, just as bad as anybody else. That’s really it, I just wanna win."

The Giants (1–5) play the Falcons (2–4) on Monday at 8:25 p.m. ET.