Seahawks Punter Michael Dickson Helps Seal Win vs. Lions on Fake Punt Scramble

Seahawks rookie punter Michael Dickson sealed Seattle's win over the Lions on Sunday when he gained a first down on a fake punt.
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Seahawks punter Michael Dickson tallied his first career rushing attempt at a crucial point during Sunday's 28–14 win over the Lions.

Seattle, facing fourth-and-eight from their own three-yard line, was set to punt from their end zone with 2:18 left in the contest when Dickson snapped the ball and ran to the right side of the end zone, appearing to be ready to take an intentional safety.

But Dickson saw daylight, and the rookie kicker darted along the sideline towards the first-down marker. He made it, gaining nine yards to move the sticks.

The play extended the series, allowing Seattle to possess the ball until punting with 17 seconds remaining. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told reporters after the game that Dickson was supposed to take an intentional safety on the play, but credited him for making the courageous decision.

Dickson's teammates also commended Dickson for his game-clinching run.

Meanwhile, Dickson suggested that he's not afraid of the moment, alluding to having great ... confidence in himself.

So there you have it. Thanks to Dickson's conviction and self-assurance, the Seahawks moved above .500, improving to 4–3.