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Matt Patricia Scolds Reporter's Posture: 'Have a Little Respect for the Process'

Lions head coach Matt Patricia went full mom mode.
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Lions head coach Matt Patricia's snapped at reporter for their posture during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. 

The lesson came one day after receiver Golden Tate was traded to the Eagles and the questioning was focused on the deal. Before Patricia answered, he asked a reporter to "sit up" and "have a little respect for the process."

The moment happens just before the 3:45 minute mark in the following video:

Here's a transcript of the exchange, via the Detroit Free Press:

Reporter: "Why do you think this move makes your franchise better?"

Patricia: "Ah, well, you know. Do me a favor just kinda sit up, just like, have a little respect for the process. Every day you come and ask me questions and you're just kinda like you know, 'gimme this.' "

Reporter: "I'm sitting ..."

Patricia: "I'm asking just to be a little respectful in this whole process."

Reporter: "Okay, that's fine."

Patricia: "So ask me a question professionally and I'll answer it for you."

Reporter: "Okay. Why do you feel like this move makes your franchise better?"

We don't know how the reporter was sitting. But it's doubtful it's the kind of spread out, legs on the table, back slouched that your mom yells at you about.