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Watch: Ravens' Lamar Jackson Leaps for TD, Stripped by Browns Before Ball Breaks Plane

Jackson came inches away from another rushing score against the Browns on Sunday.

Lamar Jackson has made some special, mesmerizing plays throughout his career. But when the Ravens rookie signal-caller attempted a goal-line leap against the Browns on Sunday, the result left almost everyone watching stupefied.

Leading Cleveland 20–7 with 1:53 left in the first half, the Ravens faced third-and-goal inside the one-yard line. Jackson took a snap from under center, then attempted to jump and stretch out across the goal line.

Initially, the play was ruled a touchdown. But upon further review, turns out Jackson had the ball poked away centimeters before breaking the plane.

The internet took displeasure with the ultimate ruling because Cleveland's Jabrill Peppers had scooped up the ball and would have likely scored a touchdown had the play not been blown dead. Instead, referees ruled that the Browns made a clear recovery, but gave them possession where Peppers picked up the football.

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