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Watch: Saints Fans Protest Missed Pass-Interference Call With Parade, Super Bowl Boycott

Even if the Saints aren't playing in Super Bowl LIII, people in New Orleans are having a party Sunday.

New Orleans will never get over it.

"It" being the missed pass interference call late in the NFC championship against the Rams that helped stall the Saints last drive of regulation.

So instead of watching the Super Bowl with the rest of the world on Sunday, fans in New Orleans found something better to do: throw a parade.

In what is being called "Boycott Bowl," Saints fans are lining the streets of New Orleans to celebrate the NFC South champions and protest commissioner Roger Goodell and the no-call many feel unjustly ended the season.

Say what you want about whether or not these people need to get over the loss, but you can't dispute that they know how to have a great time. It might be petty, but it still looks like a great party.