Stephen A. Smith Thinks Punter Tress Way Started at QB for the Redskins

Nice try, Stephen A. 
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Stephen A. Smith sometimes makes a fool of himself on purpose. Other times it’s by accident. In December, Smith infamously previewed a Thursday night matchup between the Chiefs and Chargers by stressing how important the Hunter Henry-Derrick Johnson matchup would be. Henry missed the whole regular season with a torn ACL; Johnson had been cut the previous March. 

Surely Stephen A. learned a valuable lesson from that embarrassing error and vowed to always do his homework before talking football on TV, right? Sadly not. 

Tuesday morning on First Take, Smith made the reasonable point that the Redskins should have signed Nick Foles after he was let go by the Eagles. He backed it up by saying that Washington has had terrible instability at quarterback, also a good point. But when listing off all the guys who started for Washington last year, Smith said “some guy named Tress Way actually started one game.”

The guy named Tress Way didn’t start one game, he threw one pass. That’s because he’s the Skins’ punter, and has been since 2014. His one pass came on a fake punt against the Eagles in Week 17. It was on target, with a nice tight spiral, but not exactly starting QB material. 

Way’s response to Smith was golden: simply his lofty career passer rating. 

Stephen A. should take a nice long vacation this summer and study up on some NFL rosters.