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Le'Veon Bell Comments on Contract Conflict on New Mixtape 'Life's a Gamble'

Listening to Le'Veon Bell's new mixtape "Life's a Gamble" is a good way to spend 40 minutes of your day.

Why talk about Le'Veon Bell's reported new contract with the Jets when we can discuss his new mixtape?

In one of the most baller moves since Randy Moss said he would pay a fine from the NFL with "straight cash, homie," the former Steelers running back dropped a mixtape and agreed to a four-year deal worth up to $61 million within about an hour of each other.

Over the course of 12 tracks that last just longer than 35 minutes combined, Bell displays enough skills on the mic to keep a listener entertained for at least a couple of songs, even if his style isn't your cup of tea.

If you enjoy hip-hop and or are at all curious about just what type of bars Bell has, it's worth it to take the time out and give the project a spin. The beats go hard if nothing else.

But if you want to invest as little time into this as possible while still being able to form an opinion on this that is actually credible, all you need to listen to is track four, "Free at Last."

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The two-minute-and-16-second record is Bell's thesis on why he and the Steelers failed to resolve his contract dispute that goes back to the summer of 2016.

"I said I'm robbing these n----- ain't got no mask on. I did what you couldn't do, I got a backbone," Bell raps to open the song.

Bell proceeds to spend the rest of the record commenting on the general issues he sees with how contracts are negotiated in the NFL while focusing on his own situation and throwing in the occasional brag about his bank account. He takes aim at the idea that many players are liable to get underpaid at points in their career, and how organizations will look to take advantage of those situations in whatever way they can.

"I know that my business boom," Bell says in what appears to be a shoutout to former teammate Antonio Brown. "You want to do what I do. I don't think that you got a clue, they got control over you. They don't want you at the table. They gonna put you through some bulls--- if they able. They gonna work you and work you and underpay you."

Bell also had a line right before that seems to be a shot at the Steelers.

You won't walk away thinking Bell is the next Kendrick Lamar, but if you thought for a second about listening to "Life's a Gamble," I can confirm that you won't be disappointed.