Welcome to NFL draft week.

It’s finally here, and you’ll have to decide whether you actually like knowing what happens, or if its more fun to just yell at the people who guess for a living. There’s no shame in either, really.

To get you prepared, here’s a run down of some of our best hits leading up to the draft, with some serious deep dives into the top prospects….

Here’s Robert Klemko on Kyler Murray… It’s the story no one else could tell about the prospective No. 1 pick in the draft. Murray’s family history, his formative years and his relationship with his father all impacted this decision to go pro in football. What does Kyler really want?

Here’s Albert Breer on Nick Bosa… Another name from a long lineage of great football players. Bosa’s collegiate career ended prematurely, and this piece gets behind the scenes of his recovery. Will he be the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft? Is he good enough?

Here’s Jonathan Jones on D.K. Metcalf….A wide receiver so physically fit he broke the body fat percentage machine at the combine. And yet, he’s humble—very humble. He’s one of the most fascinating receiver prospects in a decade, and a team that takes him will have to value certain traits over others.

Here’s our QB film panel series, where the MMQB rounded up an all-star lineup of former GMs, personnel experts and guys who played the position to break down the most uncertain class in decades.

On Murray

On Drew Lock

On Daniel Jones

On Dwayne Haskins

I would also peg this read on essential needs and hidden needs by Andy Benoit as, well, essential heading into draft week.

After what feels like one of the most exhausting pre-draft slates in recent memory, count me among the people who will finally be relieved when it’s over. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have some more fun this week. Check back on SI.com/NFL daily for more great draft content.

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This is the week we celebrate one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history.

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