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Aaron Rodgers is Really Bad at Chugging Beer

David Bakhtiari and a "Game of Thrones" extra went at it in a beer-chugging competition during Game 5 between the Raptors and Bucks. 

Aaron Rodgers is good at football but very, very bad at chugging beer.

Rodgers and Packers offensive lineman David Bakhtiari were both at Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Raptors and Bucks in Milwaukee when the camera panned to Bakhtiari in the stands. The lineman downed two beers in a 10-second span and then pointed to Rodgers to partake in an unofficial beer-chugging competition on the big screen. 

The "Game of Thrones Extra & NFL MVP" could not finish one beer. 

Not. Even. One. Beer. The man even put his finger up asking for another minute and still quit before he finished! 

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Bakhtiari chugged No. 3 after Rodgers gave up just for good measure.

Any brownie points Green Bay's quarterback might've earned from his Thrones cameo probably disappeared faster than that beer.