Giants Rookie Daniel Jones Wildly Overestimated His ‘Madden’ Rating

Giants QB Daniel Jones was a little too optimistic about his Madden rating. 
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Appearing in the Madden franchise is one of the biggest perks of being an NFL rookie. It’s a game every football fan grew up playing and now the league’s newest players finally get to see themselves digitally represented on the field. It’s a moment worth rejoicing, as long as you’re not too disappointed with how the people behind the game rated you. 

EA Sports released the first batch of player ratings for Madden 20 on Monday, starting with the rookies. The word “disrespect” gets thrown around in the reveal video, but perhaps no one felt as let down as Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. 

Jones guessed his rating would fall in the “high 70s, low 80s.” It was way, way lower. 

The video lists Jones as a 63 overall, while the EA Sports website is a little more generous at 65. 

Jones’s guess wasn’t a bad one, either. The first-round quarterbacks from last year were mostly in that range (Baker Mayfield was first with an 81 rating, while Josh Allen’s 74 was the lowest of the five). But the Giants seem to be the only ones who think Jones has that type of talent. His Madden rating puts him on par with guys like second-rounder Drew Lock (67) and third-rounder Will Grier (66). Even undrafted free agent Tyree Jackson is a 64. Jones can at least take solace in the fact that Madden’s rookie QB ratings seem harsher than usual this year. Kyler Murray is only a 73, while Dwayne Haskins is a 72.