Kliff Kingsbury Thinks ‘Madden’ Made Him Look Like a Zombie

“I look like I’m on ‘The Walking Dead’ in that picture.”
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Ask a person off the street to name something notable about new Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury and they will say one of two things—either that he is an offensive mastermind or that he is a good-looking man. Both things are undeniably true, but only one of them is true in the Madden 20 universe. 

Kingsbury got a glimpse of his Madden likeness and suddenly felt sympathetic for all the players who complain about their ratings in the game. 

“It’s funny you bring that up because I had seen a bunch of guys kind of getting in their feelings about their rating,” Kingsbury told the team website. “And then someone sent me a picture of what I look like on there, so I want to get adjusted on ‘looks’ rating. I look like I’m on ‘The Walking Dead’ in that picture.

“So yeah, I apologize for any of those players that I thought, ‘Hey it’s just a video game, why are you upset?’ Because I saw my picture on there, and I’m not pleased with where we’re at. We have to work on that.”

Kingsbury’s gripe is a legitimate one. The bags under his eyes Madden gave him have him looking like he hasn’t slept in weeks. 

It could always be worse, though. This year’s edition of the game portrays blond-haired, clean-shaven Panthers tight end Greg Olsen as a dark-haired guy with a beard. 

It’s possible Madden could release an update to make Kingsbury hunkier, but the developers have bigger problems to deal with right now.