NFL players take their Madden ratings very seriously

Don’t dare tell NFL players that Madden is just a video game. Everyone in the league plays the popular video game franchise and players can be obsessed with their ratings. The newest installment of the series, Madden 20, comes out on Aug. 2 and the player ratings were just released on Monday.

Chargers receiver Keenan Allen had easily the best reaction, upset no so much with his 89 overall rating but his 69 strength rating “like I’m a little boy.”

Vikings defensive end Stephen Weatherly let his face do the talking after he learned he was rated just 70 overall.


Other players decided to lash out on Twitter.

Of course Tom Brady had to get in on the action with a professionally produced video.

A bunch of teams also put out YouTube videos where a bunch of their players reacted in real time to their ratings. Vikings players were particularly shocked to learn that long-snapper Kevin McDermott had the highest toughness rating on the team, but they were on board when they remembered that he lost part of a finger and kept playing

But the only reaction I want to see is Josh Woodrum’s to being deemed the absolute worst player in the game

Baseball is so hard

It’s amazing how poorly non-baseball athletes can be a baseball activities. Throwing a ball or swinging a bat seems natural enough to anyone who grew up in North America. But if you’re the Greek Freak, well, it looks something like this.

Giannis is one of the 100 most athletic people in the world and he can hardly hit a ball off of a tee.

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Nutrition is very important

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Surfing might be the world’s most beautiful sport

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Your hands will sweat like crazy watching this

Attaching fireworks to a drone to break up a street party

A good song

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