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Patriots' Video of Bengals Sideline Released, Videographer Reportedly Suspended

The video taken by Patriots production staffers of the Cincinnati Bengals' sideline on Dec. 8 was released Sunday afternoon by NFL on FOX's Jay Glazer. The videographer who took the footage was reportedly suspended last week, according to The Boston Globe.

The producer, Dave Mondillo, was reportedly a longtime, full-time employee of Kraft Sports and Entertainment.

"It never occurred to me that my actions and the actions of my crew would be misconstructed," Mondillo said in a statement. 

"I had no intention to provide footage to football operations, I did not provide any footage, and I was never asked to do so."

The video, which the Patriots said was being taken for a show following an advanced scout called "Do Your Job," shows a Bengals' substitution from the team's game against the Browns on Dec. 8. Glazer reports that similar footage goes on for about eight minutes, while a Bengals security employee commented on it.

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"Yeah, I don't see the advanced scout that they're shooting," the Cincinnati security employee said.  

The production staffers continuously offered to delete the video, saying that "once it's gone, it's gone." The Bengals security staffer responded that "the damage is done, my friend."

It is against NFL policy for an employee to record a team's sideline from the press box.

The Patriots released a statement Monday night when a report first came out of the footage. 

“The sole purpose of the filming was to provide an illustration of an advance scout at work on the road,” the statement read. "There was no intention of using the footage for any other purpose. We understand and acknowledge that our video crew, which included independent contractors who shot the video, unknowingly violated a league policy by filming the field and sideline from the press box."

The NFL reportedly received the footage "immediately" and has been investigating the situation