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NFLPA Representatives Approve CBA, Players to Take Vote

Player representatives of the NFLPA voted to send the new proposed collective bargaining agreement to full NFL membership for a final vote, the board announced early Wednesday morning. 

The vote among representatives came in at 17-14 in favor of the deal, including one abstention. A simple majority of the rest of the league's roughly 2,000 player union is needed for the agreement to be put into effect. 

The proposed CBA, which includes a 17-game season, was originally approved by NFL owners last Thursday. The NFLPA executive committee then voted against recommending the deal as constituted on Friday, with intent to continue negotiations. 

One change NFL owners agreed upon before Wednesday's vote was to remove the $250,000 cap on earnings for the players' extra pay for the extended season. The new CBA would also include adding roster spots, a shorter preseason, increased revenue for players and improved pensions for former players.

There is no immediate inclination of when the full player union will vote on the proposed CBA, which would go into effect for the 2021 season. An approval of the deal is expected after leadership voted to send it to full membership. 

The current NFL CBA expires in March 2021, but owners are motivated to complete the deal now so their focus can turn to negotiating broadcast contracts. If approved, the new agreement would run through the 2030 season. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.