Washington Football Team Rebrand Helps More Than Just Name: Unchecked

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At this point I’d be stunned if the Washington football team enters this NFL season with its current name.

And while changing that moniker should’ve been common sense, the dollars and cents will make sure it happens.

Not to mention, a rebrand could change the perception from a purely football perspective. Because if fans weren’t embarrassed enough by the name, it must be doubly so watching the games.

I’ve heard the argument not to erase their history. But trust me, google won’t be scrubbed and people will still remember the contributions of the likes of Joe Gibbs, John Riggins and Darrell Green. However, erasing the franchise’s recent history would be a good thing. 

The team won a Super Bowl before I was 10 years old, but haven’t been close to returning since, missing the playoffs in 22 of the following 28 seasons, while averaging fewer than seven wins and topping out at 10. In fact, they’d probably be right near the top of the list, perhaps just below the New York Knicks, if people were discussing the most dysfunctional franchises in sports. 

Look, I’m from that area, I understand how much fans care about the team. But when it comes to being relevant on the field, they’re already history. As it’s been a while since anyone could hail to the  franchise with pride. And while they may not be able to change Daniel Snyder, there are plenty of reasons, including of course the obvious one, why the Washington football team could benefit from fresh gear. 

And a fresh start.