Patrick Mahomes Proves Lamar Jackson Is No Rival: Unchecked

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Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are not rivals because Mahomes has no peers.

That’s not a knock on Jackson, who is a tremendous talent, though I would like to see him perform better in big games at some point, but instead a simple acknowledgement that the Kansas City Chiefs QB is just different.

And after KC dispatched the Ravens on Monday Night Football, Mahomes improved to 3-0 in the head to head matchup while displaying some of the absolutely disgusting ability, en route to nearly 400 yards passing and five total TDs, that makes him the baddest man who has ever taken a snap from center. At least to me.

Currently, Russell Wilson is the only guy I’d even entertain mentioning in the same breath as him. But when you’re looking for a true rival to Mahomes, I think you have to go past his contemporaries and straight to all-time greats, like the somehow still in action Tom Brady, because never before has a player been on this type of trajectory. From Super Bowl to MVP to statistically.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Chiefs go undefeated. Mahomes has never even lost a game by more than seven points after all. It helps that he has seemingly the perfect support system in Kansas City. From the talent on offense (who let them get Clyde Edwards-Helaire?) to maestro head coach Andy Reid.

But his pure ability is just filthy. This is why when you are looking for Patrick Mahomes’s real rival, there is only one. History.