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Russell Wilson Proves NFL Quarterbacks Have Never Been More Dangerous: Unchecked

Dangeruss is a fitting nickname, because right now, Russell Wilson is proving NFL quarterbacks have never been more dangerous. 

Russ not only has the Seahawks at 3-0, but in the process he’s thrown for more touchdowns than any quarterback ever has over a three game span. Which has many, or seemingly everyone, wondering how a player of his caliber has never received an MVP vote.

But if you recall, for much of his career, Russ was thought of more as the clutch leader of a run first and defense oriented team. Almost the football equivalent of a Derek Jeter. However, since then the league has evolved and the Seahawks are allowing Russ to let it fly more often. As a result, he’s coming up in the conversation for best player in the league, including essentially being dubbed as much by Bill Belichick.

This of course means we’re also talking about Patrick Mahomes, who myself and others have proclaimed the best player we’ve ever seen, and Lamar Jackson, the reigning MVP. While all those guys have different styles, they share a common trait—if I were an opposing defense, they would absolutely terrify me. Because they can do everything the greats of the past could and more. It would be out of pocket to label them simply running QBs. 

And when you add in the young guys on the come up like Kyler Murray and Josh Allen and a rejuvenated Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton, I think at this very moment, the NFL is better positioned than it has ever been at the most important one.