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Buccaneers Celebrate Super Bowl Victory with Boat Parade in Tampa

The Super Bowl LV champion Buccaneers took to the Hillsborough River and held a boat parade in Tampa to celebrate their 31–9 Super Bowl LV victory over the Chiefs on Wednesday. 

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady arrived on the scene in his own boat while being escorted by police ahead of the festivities. Fans were able to watch and cheer for the players from nearby land. The City of Tampa called for this to be a safe and socially-distant event with masks required.

Safety Antoine Winfield Jr. was seen throwing up the peace sign–the same one he used to taunt receiver Tyreek Hill during the Super Bowl—with a WWE championship belt draped over his shoulder. 

Running back Leonard Fournette was basking in the Tampa sunlight during his first-ever Super Bowl parade but also poked fun at the heat in a tweet

"It's so hot out here the sun got me seeing things," Fournette said. "I thought JPP (Jason Pierre-Paul) had all his fingers just now."

Coach Bruce Arians was also spotted holding the Lombardi Trophy. Arians became the oldest head coach in NFL history to win the Super Bowl at age 68.

And of course, Rob Gronkowski couldn't be missed. The 6'6" tight end was seen dancing at his fourth Super Bowl parade, while receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin could also be seen partying.

Evans, who caught 70 passes for 1,006 yards and 13 touchdowns this season, also showed off his throwing arm during the festivities. The wideout dropped a dime to a fan who was in a different boat. 

The fun wouldn't last for the receivers, though. Unfortunately, wide receiver Scotty Miller dropped Godwin's phone in the water during the celebrations. Miller had two drops in the 2020 season before Wednesday's blunder. 

Godwin expressed his frustrations with the second-year wideout and requested that Verizon get him a new phone. Miller, who didn't have a single drop his rookie year, can be heard pleading his case. 

But the most heart-stopping moment didn't come from Godwin losing his phone, but when Brady made the best—and most high stakes—pass of the day by chucking the fabled Lombardi Trophy to a group of his teammates on a different boat. 

The boat parade turnout was significant, which was expected for the team that hasn't won a Super Bowl in 18 years.