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Aaron Rodgers Discusses Timeline for Decision on Retirement, Remaining With Packers

During his weekly appearance on the The Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers discussed multiple topics, including his looming decision on whether or not he will retire, or seek to finish his NFL career elsewhere, saying that all options remain on the table.

Rodgers gave a rough timeline on when he expects to make his decision on his future, but he's not basing his decision just on him. 

“I think even sooner than that [March free agency],” Rodgers said when asked when he will make a decision. “I'd like to, again, be respectful of the organization. I think the decision that will be will be obviously Davante [Adams] and his future with the team. There still is this thing called the franchise tag, which I don’t think 17 wants the franchise tag. No player ever wants the franchise tag. But that decision, I believe, is in February, so I think that should be enough time to make a decision by then.”

Packer wide receiver Davante Adams is expected to be a free agent but could be franchise tagged by the Packers. Ultimately, whether or not Rodgers has his favorite weapon could impact his decision.

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“I don’t want to put myself on a specific date, but again, I do want to be sensitive to Davante and many other guys who have decisions to make on their own futures,” he said. “And to drag it out past free agency would be disrespectful to the organization and to those guys and that 100% will not happen.”

Players can't be franchise tagged until February and NFL free agency is scheduled to start on March 16. Rodgers will likely make a decision on his future by then. He also mentioned that he may make his announcement personally on the The Pat McAfee Show. 

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