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Buccaneers Are Prepared if Tom Brady Decides to Come Out of Retirement

If Tom Brady decides to come out of retirement, the Buccaneers want to make sure he still plays for them.

Tampa Bay Times columnist Rick Stroud explained the Bucs have a plan in case Brady reverses course.

“The Bucs would like nothing more than for Brady to change his mind about retirement, and they have every expectation that he will play in Tampa Bay if he does,” Stroud says.

“Brady has been happy playing for the Bucs and living in the Tampa Bay area. He knows there isn’t anything the Bucs wouldn’t do if he decided to continue his career. They would sign any player. Give him whatever he thinks he needs to win. There would be no reason to leave.”

The team hasn’t yet removed Brady from its roster, and according to Stroud, likely won’t until after June 1 when it can save $24 million on the salary cap for the 2022 season.

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However, the important piece is how the Buccaneers remove Brady from the roster.

“What’s just as significant is the designation. The Bucs will place Brady on the reserve-retired list, thereby retaining his rights moving forward. If he is simply released, he will become a free agent, able to sign with any team,” Stroud said.

Stroud added the Buccaneers have no reason to believe Brady wouldn’t want to stay in Tampa Bay if Brady changes his mind.

In the meantime, the Bucs have to make a decision on how to replace Brady, and Stroud believes the team will look at all free-agent and trade options to fill the position.

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