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Packers GM Says No Other GMs Have Inquired About Price for an Aaron Rodgers Trade

While at the NFL combine on Tuesday, Packers general manager Briant Gutekunst was naturally asked questions about Aaron Rodgers and his yet-to-be-decided future. As the sports world waits for Rodgers to either retire, decide to play another season in Green Bay or play for another team, all fans can do is speculate. 

If Rodgers did want to play for another team, he’d have to be traded. Gutekunst was asked how many general managers had reached out to see what’s the price on Rodgers and if anyone asked to be kept in mind for a deal. Gutekunst gave a surprising answer. 

“Not a one,” he said, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein. “Not one.”

It’s no secret that a deal for Rodgers would surely require a king's ransom, but no teams even testing the waters is notable. Obviously, Rodgers very well may be out of the sport by next month, but only time will tell.

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Rodgers has repeatedly said he doesn’t want to drag out his decision and would want to give the organization ample time to act according to his decision, whatever it may be. On Thursday, ESPN reported that Rodgers would make his decision soon.

With NFL free agency just two weeks away, the world waits for a decision. 

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