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Russell Wilson Shares Strong Reaction to Fans Counting Down Clock

Russell Wilson trod carefully on the subject of Denver Broncos fans counting down the play clock.

When Peyton Manning was in Denver, one could hear a pin drop at Empower Field at Mile High when the offense was on the field. None would dare be loud while Manning worked his pre-snap magic, let alone collectively scream out the play-clock countdown. 

Times have changed. Denver Broncos fans did in fact join forces to count down the play clock for an extremely rattled looking Russell Wilson-led offense during Sunday's 16-9 win over the Houston Texans. It's safe to say that things aren't clicking.

Issues with the clock and play calling have led to serious problems for the Broncos' offense, particularly when it gets into the red zone. Wilson couldn't really ignore the deafening ad-libbed countdown the fans rained down on him but when the subject was broached post game, he chose his words carefully.

“Yeah, I guess that was helpful if needed. I guess they do that in basketball sometimes—you know I’ve been around some basketball players and stuff like that,” Wilson said. “This crowd was amazing tonight. Once again, how they were especially when the defense was out there with the game on the line—I know how hard that is as a quarterback hearing all of that noise and all that tenacity. That was great that our fans we’re really into it and just a great football crowd for sure.”

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Certainly, some less experienced quarterbacks might have taken the fans' active involvement as a personal insult. Wilson is far too savvy to reveal whether such things rattle him, so he accepted Broncos Country's vocal assistance with typical good grace.

Getting the lines of communication from the sideline to the huddle in sync should help sort out the play-clock problem. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett's indecisiveness has slowed up the process and a general lack of rhythm is blighting the overall effectiveness of the Broncos' offense.

Much of the blame falls at Hackett's feet — a man who appears far less sure of himself now that he is running the entire show. Even after posting his first-ever confidence-boosting win as an NFL head coach, it provided no great cause for celebration.

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Wilson wasn't feeling negative, though. He threw all his support behind Hackett and urged him to enjoy his special moment.

“This is a journey for us together and I’m excited for it. You can never let anyone steal your joy in this game,” Wilson said. “This game is a special game we get to play. I think that on the other side of it is that there’s little things we can always do better, me included. It’s not only on the other side—[fix] a couple details here and there. If anyone is going to correct it, it’s going to be him. That’s the great thing about Coach Hackett is that he’s going to work his butt off to correct it. I’m going to correct whatever details I need to correct. It starts with us, and we go from there.”

Getting an ugly first win raises more questions than it answers. Perhaps, if nothing else, it will ease some of the pressure that’s been building on Hackett.

Should the Broncos have fallen to 0-2, it probably would have given the 'sky is falling' narratives some easy traction. Having breathing room is crucial at this early stage, and truthfully, the Broncos' offense was always going to take time to work itself out.

That being said, committing such basic errors is beyond the pale for a team with championship ambitions. Therefore, the Broncos have to figure out these embarrassing faux pas and eliminate them. 

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