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Russell Okung


Russell Okung Files NFLPA Complaint Over CBA

NFL Players Association Executive Committee member Russell Okung filed an unfair labor practices charge against the NFLPA with the National Labor Relations Board.


Unpacking Russell Okung’s NLRB Charge Against NFLPA

Okung says NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and his staff have used illegal methods to obstruct debate on the proposed CBA.

Trai Turner Russell Okung

Panthers and Chargers Swap Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman

The Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Chargers are swapping Pro Bowl offensive linemen.

Trai Turner Russell Okung

Report: Panthers, Chargers Swap Pro Bowl Linemen

The Panthers and Chargers are reportedly swapping Pro Bowl offensive linemen.


Chargers' Russell Okung Ready to Return

Chargers LT Russell Okung announced he's ready to return after suffering a pulmonary embolism this summer.