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Saints' Strength of Schedule Ranks in Top 10

A quick look at where the Saints rank in their Strength of Schedule going into the new season.

The NFL Schedule is officially set to drop on Thursday evening, and we'll soon know how the Saints season will look. New Orleans is among one of several teams who will have to travel a good bit this year, and that's not solely because of the trip to London. They have two trips on the West Coast, as well as some trips up north on their hands. We gave some thoughts on how their primetime matchups may look on Monday.

The Strength of Schedule is always something that we pay a little attention to, but don't always take it for what it is. For 2022, the Saints are tied with the Raiders for the 7th toughest strength of schedule. Their opponents went 152-136-1 last season.


Quite simply put, SoS is based on the combined scheduled opponent's record from the previous season. In essence, it says if your schedule is easy or hard compared to other teams. That doesn't necessarily mean New Orleans will have a hard year, and this isn't an exact science. Teams have a lot of roster turnover and such that will undoubtedly change things. 

The team's opponents for 2022 include the NFC South (Falcons, Panthers, Bucs), Rams, Seahawks, Ravens, Bengals, Vikings, Raiders, Cardinals, 49ers, Browns, Steelers, and Eagles.

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