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Traina Thoughts: Twitter Runs Wild in Reaction to Earl Thomas Story

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Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas was involved in an incident that led to his wife Nina Thomas' arrest, as police say she pointed a gun at his head after allegedly catching him and his brother with other women. 

While it is unlikely this will have an impact on his status with Baltimore, it certainly made one on social media, especially after Thomas addressed it via his Instagram. Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg discussed with Jimmy Traina in the latest edition of "Traina Thoughts".


Robin Lundberg: Stuff happens according to Ravens safety Earl Thomas, and some stuff did happen to him. For more on that, I'm joined by our Jimmy Traina. Jimmy, a wild story. I really don't even know what to say, but the online community did.  

Jimmy Traina: Yeah, this was a story that was made perfect for Twitter and memes and all sorts of videos and jokes. And, you know, the story itself is ridiculous enough where his wife catches him and his brother supposedly in bed with some women and then she points a gun to his head. But then he made an Instagram video saying stuff happens. And this seems a little bit above. This stuff happens level. 

Robin Lundberg: Yeah. He used the word stuff very generously. 

Jimmy Traina: Yeah. I went to the supermarket today and someone dropped a gallon of milk that's stuff happens. This seems a little bit maybe above. The stuff happens level.

Earl Thomas

Robin Lundberg: Which led to a lot of jokes, even though, you know, the situation really isn't that funny.

Jimmy Traina: Right. I mean, at the end of the day, you have someone pointing a gun at someone else. And I don't know if they have kids. Obviously, if they do. This is a horrible story to be out there. But his Instagram video did not help the situation. 

Robin Lundberg: Well, we'll see as more details come out what people think of that stuff. Jimmy, appreciate your time, as always. 

Jimmy Traina: Anytime. 

"Traina Thoughts" features the daily opinion of SI media columnist Jimmy Traina. You can also read more from Robin Lundberg here.

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