The day Colonel Klink interrogated Gordie Howe

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By Allan Muir

And this is why there's no better time-kill than YouTube.

If you're willing to dig deep beneath the mountain of low-grade Harlem Shake parodies and here's-my-kitten-watching-TV videos, you'll uncover the occasional nugget of gold.

Take this clip from the classic game show What's My Line?, originally broadcast in 1973. The show, if you're not old enough to remember, asked four celebrity panelists to pose questions that would allow them to identify the guest. And on this episode, that was the great Gordie Howe at his aw shucks, Canadian farm boy-best.

It doesn't take the panel long to suss out Howe's identity. In fact, it's kind of surprising that the panelists, including German-born actor Werner Klemperer, best known for playing the bumbling Col. Klink on Hogan's Heroes, appear to have at least a passing knowledge of the NHL.

Of course Soupy Sales, who eventually makes the call, spent most of his career in Detroit where he was acquainted with Howe.