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NHL draft lottery to retain old odds; top pick open to all playoff bystanders

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Despite discussions, the NHL will not amend draft odds for the 14 non-playoff teams. (Jeanine Leech/Icon SMI)

NHL Draft

By Allan Muir

And so another fresh, daring idea gets kicked to the curb by the NHL.

TSN is reporting that the league will not alter the odds that dictate the chance any given non-playoff team has of winning the draft lottery. However, the NHL will allow any of those teams to claim the first overall pick if the balls fall its way.

Discussions were held over the course of CBA bargaining that would have increased the chances of any postseason bystander landing the top pick. At one point, the idea of giving all non-playoff teams an equal shot at the prize was considered. That would have been a bold, brilliant move. Probably too much to ask for then, eh?

At least every team now has a chance of coming away with the first pick, instead of just the bottom four. In the past, teams 17-25 could only move up four slots.

It's better than nothing, but it still feels like a missed opportunity.

Here are the odds for landing the first overall pick:

30th - 25.0 percent

29th - 18.8 percent

28th - 14.2 percent

27th - 10.7 percent

26th - 8.1 percent

25th - 6.2 percent

24th - 4.7 percent

23rd - 3.6 percent

22nd - 2.7 percent

21st - 2.1 percent

20th - 1.5 percent

19th - 1.1 percent

18th - 0.8 percent