By Darian Somers
January 07, 2015

Teddy bear tosses are one of the great traditions of junior and college hockey, with thousands of stuffed animals getting chucked onto the ice and going to a good home every year around the holidays. 

While the 'giving season' is over, one North American Hockey League team is holding a creative spin-off of the holiday classic. 

On Sunday, fans of the Johnstown Tomahawks are being asked to bring one pack of new, unopened underwear to toss onto the ice after the team’s first goal against the Springfield Jr. Blues.

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According to the team, the “Undies Sunday” promotion will benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation and families that are in need of clean clothes such as underwear. 

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It’s definitely a unique twist to the promotion, just don't bring any old underwear you've got lying around, though: