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Who will win the Cup? Twitter's prediction based on fan tweets

Twitter compiled weeks of tweets and determined who fans believe will win the Stanley Cup.

If Twitter is any indication of how the Stanley Cup Playoffs will go, it’s time to start preparing for a parade on Broadway.

The stats were culled from tweets during the second half of the NHL season, from Jan. 12 through April 13, and are based on head-to-head results involving teams’ keywords and those related to “winning.” The Rangers, one of the most dominant teams in the NHL this season, are a popular pick to go all the way though the rest of the bracket is rife with upset picks. Twitter users have the Red Wings taking down the Lightning and the Islanders over the Capitals in the East with the Wild downing the top-seeded Blues and the Blackhawks trumping the Predators in the West.


In the same timespan, Twitter also kept tabs on the most mentioned players in each conference, all of whom had had influence on the playoff race (including Sabres forward Evander Kane, who was on the Jets when the data pulling began) in one way or another.  

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