The Golden Knights aren't slowing down with their pre-game routine.

In a surprise to everyone, the team brought out the band Imagine Dragons, cause get it ... dragons. More realistically, they were brought out for their actual musical abilities and song titles like, "Whatever It Takes." Plus the band comes from Las Vegas. 

Though the team has only been active in the NHL for one season, Las Vegas made the Stanley Cup Finals and is pulling out all the stops for perfect pre-game shows in its series against the Capitals.  

After an impressive Game 1 performance featuring battling knights, the team went even bigger to build on the momentum.

There was music from the band and of course battling knights to keep on theme. 

Imagine Dragons even tweeted out its support following the performance. 

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Sadly, Game 3 heads to Washington D.C., so while Las Vegas fans are likely hoping for a four-game sweep, we can't help but wish for more games — more hockey and more theatrics.