One fan at an NHL preseason game this weekend literally gave a player the shirt off his back. 

The Stars played the Panthers in Tulsa on Saturday night and it appears the Dallas equipment staff isn’t quite in midseason form. Stars winger Alexander Radulov’s jersey didn’t fit quite right, so the team sent someone to scour the stands for a fan wearing a replica green No. 47 jersey in Radulov’s size. A fan named Levi Patton was wearing the Radulov jersey his girlfriend gave him for Christmas but he was more than happy to let Radulov borrow it for the last two periods.

“Throughout the first period you could see Radulov pulling and tugging at his wrinkled jersey that did not fit him well,” Patton wrote on Facebook. “At the end of the 1st period, someone from the Stars locker room approached me and asked what size my jersey was. He then asked if I would mind if Radulov wore it.” 

Sure enough, a screenshot sent to shows that Radulov’s jersey had the hip patch you see on replica jerseys vouching for its authenticity. 

Patton said that the sweater was “tattered, sweaty, and autographed” when he got it back, but I doubt he was planning on wearing it again anyway.