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NHL Reportedly Asks PWHPA and PHF to Meet to Consider Unifying

The NHL has asked the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA) and the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) to meet in an attempt to unify the leagues, according to a report from Jeff Marek of Sportsnet.

The two leagues are the premier women’s hockey organizations in North America.

As both leagues experienced substantial growth, the NHL felt that now was the time to attempt to unify the two leagues into one.

Per the report, the PHF raised $25 million from its board of governors, raising the league’s salary cap from $300,000 to $750,000. In addition, players will receive full healthcare plus a 10% equity stake in the teams they play for.

As for the PWHPA, players were informed last weekend of a funding deal that would allow the proposed league to move forward. The funding commitment was not disclosed, but was rumored to be “multi-millions” and in the range of eight to 10 years.

The NHL has long held the stance that it is not in a position to provide financial support while there are two competing women’s hockey leagues.

With that said, the PWHPA already has 10 NHL teams that the league lists as partners.

The PHF, meanwhile, was founded in 2015, and is North America’s only women’s professional hockey league until the PWHPA’s proposed 10-team league is actualized.

The PWHPA has not been interested in the idea of joining the PHF because members have been in pursuit of establishing a league that provides higher pay, health care, and dedicated access to training. The league was formed three years ago after the Canadian Women’s Hockey League folded. 

Details of a potential meeting between the two leagues is not yet known.

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