Singer Alli Walker Chugged a Beer From a Dead Catfish While Performing at Predators Game

The Nashville Predators lost to the Vancouver Canucks in overtime on Sunday. Nashville blew a 3-1 lead in the final minutes of regulation and there was nothing the fans could do about it. And believe me, they tried everything. Including chugging a Budweiser tallboy out of a dead catfish.

That's country musician Alli Walker, who performed during intermission on Sunday. Certainly, no one can accuse Walker of not being in it to win it. Including the guy who had to hold the catfish while she poured the beer down its throat. His face throughout the clip is a constant state of amazement and disgust.

It's unclear if this is what Walker means when she sings "catch you like a catfish" in her latest single, "Creek," but if it is... gross. Drinking anything out of a catfish seems like a bad idea, but luckily this isn't a choice that most people have to make on a regular basis. In fact, Nashville Predators playoff games are one of the few places you're likely to see a dead catfish in person outside a fish market.

People have been bringing dead catfish to Predators playoff games for decades now so it's no surprise that Walker was not the first person to ever do this. Tennessee Titans lineman Taylor Lewan drank beer out of a catfish back in 2018.

Lewan, who now hosts a podcast for Barstool Sports, was also at the game last night. While there was no catfish involved, he did chug a beer on the jumbotron to the delight of the crowd. And then his daughter chugged a water. The future of our country and country music has never been brighter.

As the series shifts back to Canada with the Predators down 3-1, this may be the last time we see Walker, Lewan or a catfish this postseason. From a public health standpoint, that might not be a bad thing.

Stephen Douglas


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