By amuir29
January 24, 2014

Philadelphia Flyers goalie Steve Mason's new zombie mask With his game back from the dead, Steve Mason is sporting a scary new lid. (Flyers Nation via Twitter)

By Allan Muir

Steve Mason's new goalie mask has Zombie Wayne Simmonds on it. (Adam Kimelman via Twitter)

Steve Mason's apparent zombie obsession makes perfect sense.

More than simply a reflection of the current zeitgeist, the undead serve as the perfect metaphor for the career of the Flyers puckstopper -- lifeless in Columbus, only to be revived unexpectedly this season in Philadelphia (although his game is starting to show signs of decay lately).

But also: Zombies are awesome, which makes them an ideal theme for Mason's new mask. His freshly painted bucket not only offers a parade of shambling walkers, it features a Zombie Wayne Simmonds.

Let that sink in for a minute: Zombie Wayne Simmonds ...

And here's a look at one of his new sticks, also painted with images of flesh-eating ghouls.

Is it the first stick to be painted? It's the first one we can remember, but we'll throw the floor open to our readers to let us know if they've seen anything like this before.

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