Oslo 2022 bid still needs government money backing

Oslo 2022 bid still needs government money backing
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SOCHI, Russia (AP) Leaders of Oslo's bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics say they still need to secure government financial backing for the project.

Oslo Mayor Stian Berger Roesland says Parliament won't vote on the financial guarantees until the summer or autumn.

With five cities in the race, the IOC will select a short list of finalists in July.

The IOC requires financial guarantees from bid cities. Without that, Oslo's bid would founder.

Another Scandinavian capital, Stockholm, pulled out of the 2022 race because of the costs.

Oslo's proposed budget is $3.5 billion, including public investment and security, a small figure by Olympic standards.

The other remaining bidders are Almaty, Kazakhstan; Beijing; Krakow, Poland; and Lviv, Ukraine.

Oslo also faces a lack of public support, which has been under 50 percent across Norway.