Michael Phelps is the greatest, and most memeable, Olympian of all time.

By Extra Mustard
August 16, 2016

Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, added to his legend during this year’s Olympic games, with five medals and two memes in five events.

Yeah, Phelps has been a meme master this summer. His angry face before the 200-meter butterfly semifinals last Tuesday went viral within minutes, and apparently so has his traditional pre-race stretch.

Before he dives in the pool, Phelps usually leans over, spreads his arms out wide and flaps them up and down like a bird.


Folks in China apparently think this stretch is really cool, and have been mimicking it by wrapping their arms around their back. Here are a couple of examples, dug up from the social network “Weibo” by BBC:


This meme has been viewed a total of 10 million times, according to BBC. I guess this proves that you really never know what will go viral.

– Kenny Ducey

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