Ryan Lochte: Didn’t initially report robbery out of fear ‘we’d get in trouble’

Rio police reportedly haven't found evidence the robbery actually occurred. 
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American swimmer Ryan Lochte says he and his three teammates failed to initially report they were robbed at gunpoint out of fear they would get in trouble, according toUSA Today

Lochte’s response comes after the Associated Pressreported that police have found no evidence that the robbery actually occurred. Officers in Rio have been unable to find the driver of the taxi that was pulled over by men posing to be armed guards, and no witnesses have stepped forward. 

On Sunday, Lochte told the Today Show the about the robbery, saying that he had a gun put to his head and his cash and wallet taken. However, the swimmers did not call the authorities, and when the police interviewed Lochte and one other swimmer, they admitted they were intoxicated and could not remember multiple details about the incident.

Lochte’s attorney, Jeff Ostrow, maintained that the robbery occurred.

“Ryan was a hundred percent cooperative and fully available when they reached out to us for an interview,” Ostrow said. “It doesn’t behoove Ryan and anyone else to make up a story.”

Police are still treating the swimmers as victims and will continue the investigation.