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Watch: Gas station security footage of Ryan Lochte, other U.S. swimmers

Gas station security footage shows Ryan Lochte and other American swimmers interacting with gas station employees. 
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Video from the night Ryan Lochte claimed to have been robbed shows Lochte and three other American swimmers getting stopped by gas station security.

The video of the security footage originally aired on Globo TV in Brazil. Two of the swimmers with Lochte that night have since admitted the robbery story was a lie, reports the AP.

Lochte and swimmers Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen reportedly caused damage at a Rio gas station early Sunday morning. The station’s owner told Globo that the swimmer urinated on the walls of the station before trying to leave.

The video shows Lochte and the swimmers attempting to get into a cab that was not theirs, then after finding the right taxi, being asked to get out of the car by gas station security. The swimmers then sit on the curb as they talk to security.

According to Globo, security used a gun to make sure the swimmers would not leave before the arrival of police (Translation from Globo):

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A timeline of Ryan Lochte’s alleged robbery in Rio

Then the swimmers went to the taxi, but the taxi driver obeyed the order of safety to await the arrival of the police. Police arrived to be triggered, as long in coming, the swimmers were aggressive and security would have pointed the gun to prevent them leave the site. It would have been done, then an agreement so that the swimmers pay for the damage.

Brazil police confirmed Thursday a security guard brandished a gun during the exchange, saying he overreacted but that no one was physically harmed during the incident. 

Lochte and the swimmers claimed they were robbed early Sunday, but Rio police cast doubt on their version of events during the week after finding no evidence to support the claims. 

Conger and Bentz were stopped from leaving the country so they could be questioned about the incident.

Lochte is the only one of the swimmers who is back in the United States.