Champion Sleeper! Aly Raisman Teases Simone Biles for Napping on Plane Ride Home from Rio

Aly Raisman wouldn’t let Simone Biles sleep on the flight home from Rio.
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Simone Biles had a busy 2016 Summer Olympics, winning four gold medals and one bronze – and even leading Team U.S.A. as the flag-bearer at the very rainy closing ceremonies on Sunday.

So it's understandable that the 19-year-old gymnast might be a little exhausted after her run in Rio, and try to catch some zzz's on the long flight home from Rio. 

Well, understandable to everyone but teammate Aly Raisman, apparently. The 22-year-old women's gymnastics captain caught Biles snoozing on the plane Monday night, teasing her pal in a sweet Instagram post

"Miss @Simone_Biles fell asleep before we took off," she wrote. "WHO'S THE GRANDMA NOW GUYS?"


Team U.S.A. has long poked fun at Raisman for her love of sleep. "All the girls call me 'Grandma' or they call me 'Mom' because they all think that I sleep too much," she explained NBC News.

"She's like our sleeping little grandma," Biles confessed to the news network. "She'll text me at 9:30, 'Simone be quiet' because she can hear us through the walls. And she always blames it on me. And I'll be like 'Okay grandma, go to bed.' " 

"It's normal to be tired when you work out a lot," Raisman said in her defense. "But [Biles] is just never tired, I don't understand." 

"We always joke about it," Biles continued. 

While the young athletes may continue to tease one another, they've both got a lot to celebrate right now – including some very handsome admirers.

Aside from dominating gymnastics at the Games, Biles also made headlines when NBC flew her celebrity crush Zac Efron to Rio to meet with the athleteafter she racked up her medals.

Raisman, meanwhile, has recently agreed to go on a double date with Raiders tight end Colton Underwood, his teammate Andrew East, and East's wife – Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.