Olympic gold medalist Diamond loses gun ownership rights

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SYDNEY (AP) Two-time Olympic shooting gold medalist Michael Diamond has been convicted of driving and firearms charges and his gun license has been revoked for 10 years.

Diamond, a veteran trap shooter, is a six-time Olympian and won gold medals at the Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000 Games.

The 44-year-old Diamond was convicted in a New South Wales state court on charges relating to driving under the influence, and improper storage of a gun and ammunition.

The charges, which led to Diamond being left out of Australia's team for last year's Rio de Janeiro Olympics, stemmed from a fight with his brother in Newcastle, north of Sydney, last May.

Diamond's conviction carries a mandatory 10-year ban on firearms.

Shooting Australia on Friday said it would contact Diamond to offer its support, but wasn't sure if it could help.

The sport's governing body has also not conceded Diamond's shooting career is over, and has not announced any punishment since the conviction.

''While Shooting Australia's focus is and must be the development of top-level athletes for the future, we will not turn our backs on someone who has been such a great servant of our sport and our country in the past,'' the association said.